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Do You Know ?

  • Every single piece of plastic ever made (other than the ones burnt) still exists.

  • We have made more plastic products in the last decade than in the last century.

  • 50% of the plastics we produce, we use once and throw away

  • We currently recover only five percent of the plastics we produce.

  • Worldwide one million bags are used every minute i.e Annually 500 billion plastic bags

  • It takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade.

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    India's Situation with plastic

  • More than 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste are generated in India everyday, of which 6,000 tonnes remain uncollected and littered, the government today said.
  • apart from this, plastic waste is a major contributor for:
    • 1. poisoning of food chain
      2. groundwater pollution
      3. Land Pollution
      4. Air pollution
      5. sea or Ocean pollution

  • Packaging represents the single-largest sector of plastics use and accounts for 35 percent of plastic consumption.

  • Plastic waste constitutes on average 9-10% of the local waste collected daily.

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  • It is common across India to find sewers and drainage systems clogged by single use plastic bags which cause severe cases of malaria and dengue due to the increased population of mosquitoes that breed on these flooded sewers.

  • This not only creates a litter problem but also leads to spread of multiple diseases.

  • Even paper cups have a layer of plastic in-between them to withstand temperature and be rigid.

  • Plastic ban is ineffective so far due to difficult enforcement and no proper alternatives.

  • India‚Äôs contribution to plastic waste that is dumped into the Indian ocean every year is a massive 60%

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    Bio Bags

  • We here at Regeno, want to spearhead the mission towards regeneration.

  • To kick start such a mission we have found a solution to one of the most common polluters on this planet.

  • Single use plastic carry bags.

  • We have managed to create carry bags that can sustainably and effectively replace single use plastic carry bags.

  • Regeno Bio Bags are 100% plastic free and are made entirely from vegetable starch and other natural extracts.

  • These bags are harmless to the plants, animals and all the environment.

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    They can replace plastic carry bags in almost all applications and are completely environment friendly.

    • Contains no polyolefin plastic and made from all natural extracts

    • Biodegradable and Compostable in nature

    • Oxygen barrier

    • Natural antistatic properties

    • Oil resistant

    • Recyclable with paper

    • Dissolvable in high temperature water (>80C)

    • Safe if accidentally consumed by animals

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  • These bio bags burn like paper and turn into ash. Likewise, it can also be melted in hot water. Even if animals happen to consume the covers, there will be no harm to them either.

  • In Tamil Nadu, there is a ban on using plastic bags that have less than 40 microns. In some areas, there is a ban on plastic bags altogether.

  • The bags are biodegradable and biocompostable and can be recycled with paper.

  • Though they look like plastic bags, they contain no polyolefins and, instead, are made from vegetable starch and other natural extracts, with maize, tapioca and vegetable oil being the base materials

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  • The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) launched bio-compostable bags, an alternative to polythenes in association with a Bengaluru firm, Regeno Ventures.

  • These bio-compostable bags have a shelf life of three months and are made using tapioca, a type of starch extracted from cassava root.

  • The cassava roots are biodegradable and compostable, and therefore allow the bags to turn into soil in a matter of a few months, reported NDTV.

  • In addition, when disposed of in hot water, these bags dissolve in it without leaving any trace of toxic residue. Also, when burnt, they turn into ash.

  • The rationale behind the move to introduce these bags is to make the city plastic free

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